Teaching Songwriting

This year I've been getting into teaching songwriting.

I'd been in a songwriting group for a year, and started realizing I really enjoyed giving feedback, and people said they got something useful from it. Soon after that, along with my buddy Wayne Haught, I started facilitating a monthly drop-in songwriting class, called Songwriters Sharing Circle, in Santa Rosa.

More recently, I was contacted by Cat Austin, a local theater director, to give a master class to a group of teenage girls that were in her summer theater project. Then last month I was the "edutainment" portion of the drop-in class, giving a presentation on basic harmony for songwriters.

I've loved it. I love being able to listen deeply to a writer, grasp what they're aiming for, and give them some guidance on how to get there. I love midwifing songs. I love taking some of the techniques I've learned directly from Steve Earle, Peter Case, and Johnny Harper, and passing them down.

Soon I hope to offer a songwriting class at the Ranchito, and also offer one-on-one coaching sessions. Stay tuned - and contact me if you're interested!

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